Pro Tips for making the most aromatic Chai

I am a chaivinist as per urban dictionary of social media these days. You must’ve read it too somewhere while scrolling down timelines. I liked the term actually. Who ain’t a chaivinist atleast in Pakistan or around me.

Tips for making best chai

Be it dodh patti or karrak chai, be it Illaichi wali chai or Malai maar Kay, we just love chai.

My Pro Tips for making chai

Learn the difference between boiling and simmering. Simmering gives the best taste to Chai. Try it.

Simmer any brand of tea (that you like or have at home) in water with sugar. A gentle simmer of few minutes. Cover.

Add Warm milk to the prepared Qehwa. I insist warm milk. Whizz up some cardamoms with sugar, keep it in a bottle and add a pinch to the preparation.

Phentofy. You know how na?


Best Cardamom flavored tea is ready. Have it Malai maar k or on its own.


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