Desi #BBC

A #BBQ to remember

After Eid ul Azha it is the season of BBQ. I loved such desi bbq parties and been to many in past few days. So, what makes a Desi BBQ get together successful? Quite a lot of things actually but without going into details, I’ll try to point some useful tips to host a memorable BBQ party.


Foodventrous #BBQ tips:

1- The most important and difficult thing to begin is lighting coals. What I do is put 2,3 large pieces of coal directly on stove for few minutes before putting them in the grill. Koyla Jalana is se asaan nahi hosakta. Khuda ka wasta petrol na use karain thorri Mehnat karlain.

2- Marination is all your choice but the key ingredient is definitely the timing. The more the merrier.
For Beef: Overnight Marination of ginger garlic paste and raw papaya paste, 2 tablespoons per kg is good enough. Spices of your choice in yougurt will work within few hours. Adding a tablespoon of Baking powder/soda to the marinated beef just before grilling is great idea too. Azmaish shart hai.
For Chicken: It’s good to go within few hours of marinating in salt, lemon juice or vinegar and yougurt with spices you like.


3- Using skewers correctly so that the meat doesn’t fall. For Beef boti it’s not art. Wavy pattern for long and flat pieces of meat grills pretty quickly. For chicken pieces with bones, you need to put skewers across the bones.


4- Condiments are the most part when it comes to #BBQ. My personal favorite is no cook Imli chatni. Just blend an onion with few green chillies, salt, cumin in a cup of Imli paste. A pinch of ajwain and some red chilli powder is optional. This chatni needs to be runny not pasty. You’ll love it with grilled meat and pakoray too.


5- Sidelines of grilled vegetables like tomato, onions and potatoes won’t harm your appetite. Rub some salt, pepper and cooking oil on small whole potatoes with skin. Wrap them in aluminium foil and through on the sides of grill while you are cooking all the meat. They’ll be done by the time you’re done with all meaty grilling.
Onions and tomatoes can be roasted while with chicken on skewers. I like Raw onions with lemon n salt more.


Last but not the least, Koyla Chai is a must while you gobble down all that yummy meaty treat.

So, what are you waiting for? Tikkay lagao musalmaanooo!!!


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