Desi pizza farangi paratha of Chaistan

Confused? Well, there’s a value addition to a desi pathan hotel ka paratha and now it’s the IN thing amongst foodies. There are numerous chai shops rather modern dhabas now in the posh areas of Karachi that offers upgraded versions of chai and paratha. No longer just a breakfast special.


Say bye bye to good old raat k bachay hoaye salan ki stuffing wala paratha coz now you can have pizza, achari or even nutella or chocolate paratha. Thank God! Paratha got the much needed make over.

Being an Urban desi, living pull Kay is par (in Karachi, pull k is paar ka matlab hai k aap middle classiye hain. IYKWIM) I have seen these fancy parathas through instagram only 😥 but not anymore.

Some nice people in the vicinity of our area has decided to open up “Chaistan”. Why should pull Kay us par ho Sara fun? Hain 💃💃

Chaistan menu card have a stuffed paratha picture. Me likes.

So, I can’t wait to be there. Its the opening week and we got 25% off too. Yaay. Loved the printed porcelain mugs of Chai there, thats being served on truck art painted tables in open air. I hope they can afford an indoor seating for families soon.

The chai tastes good as well as the pizza paratha. The stuffing was a bit pasty for my liking, I will prefer it to be a little drier but it’s quite good actually. Crispy layers of a lachaydaar paratha, revealing a tasty filling of chicken, cheese n pizza flavourings just awesome.


Cold drinks with meals can die. Go out have a paratha with Chai.
Oh! that rhymes 😂😂 wah wah.


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