Johnny Rockets in the city of bun kebabs

Is it just me or the seasoning of almost every beef patty in burger joints is the same? Be it #12 or route 66 of Johnny Rockets or Be it McDonalds or anyone else. Hope it’s not khota meat. Eeew.


So, we’ve been to JR’s new outlet just opened behind Naheed Superstore with a discount coupon. Sounds lame but yeah because of discounted coupons I wanted to give it a try as I don’t like fancy mehngay burger except for Hardees.


We have ordered rocket single, route 66 and #12 burgers with chicken strips for kids. I liked my route 66 burger with caramelized onions, mushrooms and mayo. Lacks a punchy sauce though. No match to Hardees angus either.

Johnny rockets route 66 burger Karachi

I don’t know if its because of the discounted coupons that the portion size was not that good. Fries were very few itni kam k you can count them. Paper glasses were so fragile 👎 The buns weren’t crumbling or dry so 👍

Johnny rockets burger

Noisy ambiance downstairs but Service was good. Tender strips in kids meal were quite good actually and they were buy one get one free on our credit card so, it’s a killer deal.

Overall, it’s OK-ish taste for me. Nothing over the top. Will visit next time for their much talked about shakes though.


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