#TreatForAll – Unboxing Triple Treat box by Pizza Hut

It was out of sheer curiosity to try opening the drawers kinda stacked 3 tiered packaging of triple treat box that makes me order it. Yes!! I liked that cute packaging and the idea of three course meal in a box.

So, I had a get together of siblings at home and we gobbled down goodness inside Triple treat box within minutes of arrival.

Triple treat box contains 2 regular pizzas in separate tiers with a lid to keep them nice and hot. The bottom tier has starters/sidelines of potato wedges and chicken wings in a L shaped cut out with super yummy Hershey’s chocolate cookie. You get a good serving of starters, pizza and dessert with cold drink. Kinda awesome.

P.S I am a pizza hut enthusiast no matter how many other pizza’s I’ve tried.

Pizza hut triple treat box
Pizza hut triple treat box

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of this deal tbh. Triple treat box costs 1999+tax and claims to serve 4-5 people. Well, that makes it Rs460+ per head for a decent meal. At a work place it’s convenient to share this triple treat box among 6 friends as per simple maths. You’ll each get a delecious wing, 2 potato wedges, 2 cheesy pizza slices, more than a cookie slice and drink. Voila!! That’s actually economical and yummy.

Pizza hut triple treat box
Cookie Monster inside me just Love this cookie.

What are you waiting for then? Go have a get together at home or office and enjoy #TreatForall.


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