Best Desi Sandwich Ever

desi aaloo Sandwich

Here is the ultimate desi snack ever, Anda aaloo sandwich. Taadaa!!

Since my childhood it’s been house favourite breakfast item on Sunday’s or tea time when we have guests over. Quick n Easy to make with no particular recipe.

You just need seasoned boiled and mashed potatoes ( usually with salt, red chilli powder, cumin seeds, chaat masala and some fresh coriander) spread on a bread slice. Then a layer of boiled and sliced eggs. Cover with another bread slice and cook in a well greased sandwich maker until they’re golden and crispy.

I like to add a layer of tomatoes sometimes.
You can add a cheese slice but then they’ll not be desi šŸ™‚
Chopped onions or cabbage can be added too.

Best served with:

Just Imli sauce or raita.
Mom use to add some water and imli paste to the remaining potato mixture and serve it as a dip along with these sandwiches. Works like a charm.


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