#TasteTheGold- Long chilli burgers at Burger King

I have been to quite a few international burger chains in Karachi except burger king. Finally it happened at the right time when burger king is having a limited time Gold collection burgers on the menu. Long chilli beef and chicken variants were introduced with crispy chicken strips.


#TasteTheGold is about a long sesame bun with two flame grilled patties of either chicken or beef, BK’s signature mint sauce, cheese slices and jalapeno chillies to spice it all up. Mint sauce is not that ghar ki podina chatni to be precise. I assume it’s a secret recipe that gives the spice of chillies another taste dimension. I haven’t tasted a beef burger like this before. It’s easy to grab n eat on the go to. Not messy at all like the usual double patty stacked round buns.


Feels light despite having double patties and cheese probably because of the perfectly grilled meat and mint sauce. I had a long chilli beef burger with fries and drink on my own and it was not at all heavy on the stomach. Actually had two pieces of perfectly crispy yet juicy chicken strips with garlic mayo sauce after the burger 😆. So, I can say that it’s a meal that you can eat or crave more 🙂


Priced at around Rs650 long chilli burgers are worth a try if you’re a beef burger fan. I don’t like chicken burgers so haven’t tried them. Chicken strips are HIGHLY recommended as an appetizer or kids meal. Totally worth it.

Dear Burger King do work on your fries though. They’re thick and quite heavy I don’t know why but they feel heavy. Hope you guys are listening ☺


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