Making cake in sandwich maker

Why bake when you can make a cake πŸ˜† Sandwich maker makes a decent cake and that too in much less time. You can use any cake recipe or create your own layered, marbled or even chocolate/nutella stuffed cake in sandwich maker. Sky is the limit here.

My quick fix for dessert cravings is this simple recipe.

Use 2 Tbsp each of self raising flour, butter or vegetable oil, sugar and milk with an egg. You can multiply the quantities in same ratio, if you’re making more servings.

Just mix butter and sugar until smooth. Add an egg, dash of vanilla extract/essence & a spoon of milk. Mix well. Add self raising flour or plain flour and baking powder. You can add food coloring or lemon zest too.



Preheating ain’t necessary. Grease sandwich maker with the same fat that you’ve used in recipe (either butter or vegetable oil) & pour cake mixture evenly. Close the sandwich and wait till it smells like a cake.



I like to give additional time in the sandwich maker till it gets color. Drizzle with chocolate or ganache is optional.



Bon appetite!!


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