#DoritosPizza for #CrunchParty is tempting you?

New year begins with a new kind of pizza by Pizza Hut. Time for the exciting launch of crunchy #DoritosPizza, featuring sweet chili Doritos under and on top of the crust. This pizza is available in all signature Pizza Hut toppings. Are you tempted?

A size bigger than pizza hut’s usual large pizzas, this 14-inch awesome-ness is sure to attract customers with its uniqueness and novelty factor. If you love Doritos and a pizza, this combo is made in heaven for you.


We can’t wait to try it out. Although I have reservations over its taste on the palette as Doritos are quite dry and you can’t have them without a dip. I am missing a special sauce or dip to go with this innovation by Pizza Hut but the proof of the pudding is in taste. Let’s wait till I taste 🙂


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