NYP Calzone reloaded via WeekAlazone

I had the privilege to taste Calzone supreme just before it’s launch by The New York Pizza through Foodpanda Pakistan and I found it irresistible.

New things on menu looks and tastes great when they’re launched but do they retain the same class after sometime? I decided to find out.

NYP introduced a gigantic 16″ Calzone supreme for around 1300PKR a few months back. They’re offering the same these days on 40% off for just Rs 970.


So, Weekalazone deal has been ordered to experience the dreamy creamy calzone once again and oh gosh!! It came piping hot and loaded with creamy n cheesy stuffing. So Yummy. The only disappointment was that the rider didn’t bring cold drink with the order(strangely) Sigh.


NYP Calzone is the same as it was launched. Definitely a must try if you’re in for a treat. Perfect party food and enough to feed 4-6 hungry tummies.


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