Instant Frothy Coffee

I like my coffee to be milky, creamy and frothy. If you’re a fan of such coffee, here’s my way of doing it quick n easy.

You’ll need:
Instant coffee powder
Warm water

How to do it:

Mix equal parts of sugar and coffee or as per your taste buds. I would like to have 2 Tablespoons of sugar with 2 Tea spoons of coffee but you can adjust the ratio. Add 2 Teaspoons of warm water and mix vigorously with a spoon untill the color of mixture lightens and sugar particles dissolve.

Frothy #Coffee DIY Part 2. #Food #Foodventrous

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You’ll end up having a creamy light chocolatey, sticky batter within a minute. Pour hot milk over. Stir and serve. Whipped cream can be added for a fancy touch but count your calories 🙂


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