#DoritosPizza by Pizza Hut review

Well, it’s a pizza with loads of crunchy n spicy Doritos on top and in the crust. What can go wrong here and How can you dislike it? To find out you have to try it which I did and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I was expecting something much more exciting.

I am a fan of pizza Hut stuffed crust seeks kebab pizzas and it’s my all time favourite to order. With Doritos Pizza I was expecting some cheesy stuffings in the crust or a separate sauce to dig in. But it wasn’t there. I suggest to add one as it will give a new taste dimension.

No complaints with toppings and taste of the flavor that I ordered. Bihari chicken topping was perfect. Doritos weren’t burnt to my surprise, perfectly placed on the edges, crunchy on top but the crust was a bit underdone. I didn’t like crushed Doritos in the crust though. Overall its pretty average but you should give it a try and share your review with me.

Let’s see how many of you find it exciting.


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