Sky BBQ at Avari Towers – Dinner with a view

When it comes to food and dinning out i usually don’t prefer five star hotels because of their ever so formal and top notch pampering service tbh. Once in a while for a formal gathering they’re the best though. To each his own.


I’ve been invited for a meet n greet recently at Avari towers Sky BBQ and how could I forget to document my experience. Here are my favorites and not so favorites from a memorable dinner at the rooftop of Avari Towers, Karachi.


My favorites at Sky BBQ Avari Towers:

It has to be the Rooftop view first and the foremost. What a pleasant feeling it is to look down upon the city of lights from rooftop of a 19th floor. Simply amazing.


Ambiance of the place is nice, dim lights and minimal Decore makes you feel cozy. Live music and the aroma of BBQ food makes you feel entertained.


They serve a buffet style menu at Sky BBQ that ranges from Daal Chawal (yes daal chawal….I find it weird but then people were enjoying it there) to Paaye and from mutton Karahi to fried prawns( Absolutely divine). You’ll find Sajji, mutton chops( Best thing there), fried fish, Biryani, chicken boti and lots of salads( Do try their beef salad, amazing) there. A chaat corner, condiments station has lots of tempting things like plum chutney to thousand island sauce and Raita to mix achaar.



The table serving of drinks as wellas fresh BBQ boti, Sajji and hot naans was impeccable. Very efficient service indeed.



Not So favorites at Sky BBQ Avari Towers:

I loved the overall experience of dinning in at Sky BBQ with friends. It was a memorable experience. Just some suggestions. Food wise I’ll recommend not to have Biryani there. I didn’t like it at all. The number of BBQ items on the menu should be increased like there should be grilled prawns n BBQ fish rather than prawn tempura and fried fish. After all it’s sky BBQ not sky fry :mrgreen:


Dessert section needs some attention. I don’t find anything over the top there. Also, a great BBQ dinner always finishes with a karrak koyla chai or qehva. Do add it dear Avari Towers.


Go for a great live cooking and fun experience if you have around 2K to spare. The ambiance and meaty treats are worth it.


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