My first visit to Chaiwala

Chai paratha is one thing that defines Karachi breakfast. It now has turned into a modern snacking option with branded dhabbas. Like “Chaiwala” brands itself as a dhabba where you can have a cup of tea but in so many flavors and changair main rakhay upgraded stuffed parathay while checking in on social media. Cool isn’t it?

Chaiwala is like a value added dhabba cum cafe that runs with professional approach, innovative menu and great service. Their menu is good and they know exactly what the customer wants and what they’re offering.


I’ve ordered adrak wali chai, Kashmiri chai and a chicken cheese paratha at Chaiwala this weekend. The place was bustling with customers at 10pm. A huge space across the street is occupied with plastic chairs and truck art painted tables. There’s a Rickshaw standing there with Peeyo Magar Pyar Se caption. A filmy wall and truck drawings everywhere.


Order was served on time and servers were attentive. Ironically I find their paratha better tasting than the chai. Kashmiri chai was served with a generous helping of ground nuts specially pistachio. The fact that sugar isn’t added while cooking tea makes me wonder if that’s the reason behind not so tasty chai? Wasn’t bad though but still I prefer cheeni wali chai.

As far as the price is considered, it’s fine for the amount of tea they’re serving. Paratha should be made and served unfolded. Like a proper desi stuffed paratha layered with two roti. The D shaped serving is a bit disappointing.



No harm in trying if you’re willing to spend Rs 350-400 on snacking. Go have fun.


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