#BigThickBurgerz – Deliciously indulging

When being asked about my favorite food to eat out, I kinda surprised myself by not answering with a pizza. Maybe I’ve had enough of it recently or I am bored of it. Whatever the reason maybe but gourmet burgers are the new sensation among foodies and me. Probably the reason behind so many burger joints opening with an identity and unique offerings.


Big Thick Burgerz is here for three years now & flourishing in the city of bun kebabs. My first visit to this exciting little place gets inspiration from their recent feed a hungry kid campaign during Karachi Eat Festival 2016 and the rave reviews on food forums. It’s kinda impressive to see local brands paying back to the community.


So, Big Thick Burgerz is located at Sehar commercial DHA. You’ll see a charcoal grilling neon sign with #BigThickBurgerz logo. Pretty smart and interesting as they claim that they’re the only one in Karachi to grill burger patty on charcoal. Yes!! You’ve read it right.

They grill each and every patty on charcoal which not only helps drain all the fat from meat but also gives it a smokey BBQ flavor. I got a sneak peek inside their kitchen too courtesy the generous owners Mr. Saad Ammullah Khan. They happily guide me through the menu and their state of the art small but so hygienic kitchen space.

The grilling area and frying areas both were well maintained. I’ve been told that they only use meat from Meat one and K&N’s to ensure the best taste. The sauces are the secret recipes to give each burger a distinctive flavor.


The menu is short n sweet and displayed clearly over the counter like any international food chain. They offer six variants of gourmet burgers in two sizes, regular and large. Surprisingly both were BIG n THICK because of the apt bun to patty ratio. Fries and drinks are add ons while there are few side order items too. That’s all on the menu. Pretty spot on for a burger joint.


Most unusual item on the menu is Blue cheese burger, jalapeno stuffed chicken tenders and blue cheese dip.


I’ve ordered the Texan Style beef burger, Jalapeno stuffed chicken tenders with blue cheese dip and the husband ordered Little dangerous beef burger because of the Brazilian chilli based firey sauce.


My Big Thick Texan style beef burger arrived in no time. It was pretty BIG with a THICK n juicy patty inside a soft, poppyseed sprinkled bun. Patty wasn’t over seasoned, tastes smokey and meaty with the crunch from the iceberg lettuce and onions. It’s the best of beef burgers that I’ve had in long time. Little dangerous beef burger was literally loved by my better half as he had a knack for spice and always complain that burgers are usually bland. This time he was a satisfied man who gobbled his burger in no time. Didn’t offer me a single bite. Sigh!!


Fries were pretty decent but the drink serving was less for my liking. It’s finished before my burger so I kinda left wanting for more soda.


Jalapeno stuffed chicken tenders were the bomb actually. I’ve decided to try them with blue cheese dip because I haven’t had it before. Blue cheese dip has bits of jalapenos to its creamy texture and it has a sharp taste to it. Pretty distinctive flavor and I liked it.


Pricing is fine considering the quality and quantity. Although I feel that they’re under pricing their blue cheese burger as it wasn’t the most expensive one on the menu while it should be.


Will definitely be going back to Big Thick Burgerz to try the Blue cheese burger next time. They’re planning to open a new branch in Gulshan e Iqbal soon. You can order these deliciously indulgent burgers via food delivery portals too but it’s better to try them at the outlet for the sake of freshly grilled meat experience.

Bon appetite!! 🍔🍔🍟🍟


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