#MyCheesyBites pizza – All that glitters is not gold

Back in the days, Pizza hut has always been my favourite for its seekh kebab stuffed crust pizzas but it’s been long since I’ve been there because of so many other options available now. #MyCheesyBites Pizza was the reason that I decided to revisit Pizza Hut MACHS branche after few years.



Place was well managed and clean. Surprised to see a kids library with story books, puzzles, table chairs and plastic balls to engage kids. Thumbs up for that. Washrooms could’ve been managed better though. Nonetheless ambiance was great.


Cheesy bites pizza was advertised to be available in pan, regular or large but the server informed me that it’s only available in large. So, despite being a 2 person and a kid family, I’ve ordered a large cheesy bites pizza in BBQ seekh kebab flavor with fresh lime.

The pizza came on a black platter highlighting the colors of the 3 different cheesy bites flavor. Presentation was inviting and the cheesy bites no doubt looked delectable.


Excitement at first sight gone down the drain with the first bite. Yes! It was a disappointment to taste the cheesy bites as they were too salty. Garlic parmesan flavoured bites were average, BBQ sauce ones were really spicy while sweet Sriracha cheesy bites were pretty strange in flavor for me. The cheese stuffing was pretty salty and has no depth of flavor to it. The topping of BBQ seekh kebab has no hint of BBQ and lots of tomatoes ruin the flavor for me.


All in all it’s a fancy looking meal with a dent of PKR2000 in your pocket and nothing to write home about except the extremely well baked and skillfully shaped pizza of your dreams.

Dear pizza hut!!

There’s a lot going on your menu but the thing is that you’re pizza hut not cookie or lasagna hut. Iywim. I would love to see you guys changing the type of cheese you’re using to stuff #MyCheesyBites crust and for us meat loving nation, no harm in stuffing some chicken chunks too lol.


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