#ExpandingWings – Shaheen Airline serves appetizing meal

Pakistan’s second largest airline, Shaheen has recently hosted the first ever meet n greet session for bloggers and press inside Airbus A330-200 which is a new addition in their fleet. It was an exciting event as I have experienced Everything from being on the plane to having served plane food except flying. DAMN!!


Anyways, it was first of its kind in aviation and blogging history of Pakistan and I am honored to be part of it. The second most exciting thing about traveling by air is of course food, knowing that the first exciting thing has to be the window seat 🙈


So, I was being informed that Shaheen Airline serves hot and fresh complete meals on flight and we will be experiencing the same food as they’re offering to passengers. The foodie in me was wondering what could they be serving? Is it going to be biryani or something with noodles?


The Food tray was served with a warm smile by a pretty hostess. Smells amazingly appetizing and I can immediately guess that its going to be chinese. Good portion size with well seasoned entree of chicken, grilled veges and rice. Chocolate pastry was moist, light and fresh although I was expecting a gooey brownie. Fresh salad doesn’t go with chinese meal. I recommend to change it with either a spring roll, wonton or soup maybe. Cutlery was cute and firm enough to hold the food.

Can’t wait to fly with Shaheen and re live this experience.


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