#CheeseBurgerPizza by 14th street is unique

I’ve been quite late to the party but better late than never. Since the launch of #CheeseBurgerPizza by 14th street I was quite willing to taste it. Too bad that I can’t make it to the tasting session at 14th street pizza HQ before it’s launch. Nonetheless, I have now tried it.


It’s an interesting concept to combine the taste of two of the most popular fast food items these days. All around the city burger and pizza joints are mushrooming and apparently fear each other that’s why you see pizza burgers and burger pizzas. I wasn’t sure tbh that a pizza can actually taste like a burger but somehow it does. Surprise!!

Where are the sliced onions?

I’ve ordered #CheeseBurgerPizza with beef mainly because a burger is nothing without beef afterall. The #CheeseBurgerPizza came with a lot of fresh iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes and mayo based sauce in a separate box to be assembled while eating. Pizza had ample toppings of beef and secret cheese blend (to make it burger-ish, I assume). It is messy to put all things together and eat it like a pizza while feeling the taste of a burger. Definitely a different experience.

Assembled slice. No onions 😢

The pizza on its own looks a bit dry but with the sauce slathered lettuce it’s fine. What I miss is a Huge beefy patty of a burger and extra cheese with crunchy or caramelized onion rings. IYKWIM.

That was messy but burger-ish

Kudos to 14th Street for the innovation but I don’t see it as a new foodie sensation among millennials. Maybe some pizza sized patty with melting mozzarella inside is what I should dream as a pizza topping.


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