Mint lemonade #MadeEasy for Iftaar

First week of Ramazan is going on and it’s extremely hot and humid in Karachi these days. Iftaar calls for a healthy and refreshing drink to make up for long fasting hours. I have tried this mint lemonade recipe twice in past week for Iftaar and it turned out to be amazingly refreshing. Do give it a try.


Made Easy Mint Lemonade

Thanks to National Foods Pakistan for inspiring with made easy website and mobile app that has some useful ideas for Ramazan cooking. Watch this video to know how you can make Mint lemonade with National fruitily lemon sachet.

I’ve added a spoonful of honey to this recipe and blended mint and ice minutes before Iftaar.

For more Ramazan MadeEasy recipes checkout or download MadeEasy app and plan your weekly meals with some handy tips and chef hacks.


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