#MadeEasy Peri Bites for Iftaar

Peri Bites or jalapeño poppers or stuffed chillies, call them whatever but they’re the most value added food items made from humble chillies. Stuffed chillies are a regular at our Iftar table every Ramazan. Before the boom of Peri Bites I use to make them by stuffing with Aamchor powder/Khatai powder,  zeera powder and chaat masala mixed in Tamarind paste or mashed potatoes with red chillies, chaat masala, salt, Khatai powder and some lemon juice. Then coating with thick Besan batter and deep frying.

This Ramazan it is all about National Foods Made Easy Peri Bites on my Iftaar Dastarkhan. I’ve made it quite a few times and they turned out to be delectable every time.

This is the recipe that I’ve used to make jalapeño scrumptious treat. It looks and definitely made easy but hey!! its chillies. You need to practice to make and coat these beauties perfectly in the batter so that they won’t open during frying.

I tried it once exactly the way it’s been made by Chef Saadat in this video. The next time I was short of cheese so I’ve replaced it with a mix of thousand island dressing, chilli garlic sauce and some mayo with sauted chicken.

Do try and share your feedback and don’t forget to browse some made easy recipes on madeeasy.com.pk.


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