Use Air Fryer for Healthy Iftaar Food

All that oily dripping food is what we are consuming during Ramazan but if you’re health conscious yet love samosay,  Pakorray and all that deep fried goodness, then there’s a way to devour these yummy food items without oil. For that you have to invest in a good air fryer microwave oven. It is convenient to use and you’re just minutes away from no oil yet fried foods. 

Now that Ramzan is halfway over and focus is shifting towards Eid, everyone is going easy on the food to fit in their glorious Eid outfits. Holding on to that idea recently I experimented with my air fryer microwave oven and made some delicious snacks with very little oil. Read through and try these recipes for a healthier Ramzan, and a more gorgeous you this Eid.

Air Fryer Usage Guide:

  • Brush the fryer bowl with 1 tsp of oil and place the wings/tender pops/spring rolls /samosa in the fryer bowl without overlapping them. 
  • Put the fryer bowl on the metal tray. 
  • Select the menu by pressing the ‘Home Fryer’ button until FR-8 is displayeddisplayed. 
  • Turn the knob towards right to select the time i.e. 15 mins. 
  • Press the Start ‘+30sec’ button to start frying. 
  • After 8 mins, press the ‘Stop’ button and take out the fryer bowl; brush the remaining oil on the fryer bowl and flip the food you’re air frying. 
  • Press the Start ‘+30sec’ button to continue cooking. 
  • At the sound of the beep, take out yummy and healthy air fryed low calorie Iftaar items.

Air fryer Cadbury Cake for Eid 
Being healthy is all fun and games until you experience a sudden craving for chocolate cake at noon. The Cadbury cake is a classic example of chocolate decadence at its best, this guilty pleasure can be indulged on your cheat day.


  1. Dark chocolate cake mix          1 packet
  2. Oil                                                    ½ cup
  3. Water                                             ½ cup
  4. Eggs                                                3
  5. Cream                                            200 grams
  6. Milk chocolate                            200 grams
  7. Liquid glucose                             1 tbsp.
  8. Condensed milk                          2 tbsps.
  9. Evaporated milk                         2 tbsps.
  10. Nutella                                           5 tbsps.


  • In a large bowl add cake mix oil, eggs, water and mix well
  • Grease two 9” microwave-safe flat bottomed pans
  • Divide the mixture in both the pans equally
  • Press the ‘Convection’ button once and you will see ‘180 C’ on display
  • Tum the knob towards right and pre-heat for 10 mins by pressing the ‘Start +30sec’ buttonbutton. 
  • After pre-heating, insert the first pan in the microwave and press the ‘Convection’ button to select the temperature to 180°CC. 
  • Tum the knob towards right to set the time to 45 mins. 
  • Press the ‘Start +30sec’ button to start baking. 
  • Alter 22 mins, press the ‘Stop’ button, take out the pan and let it cool. 
  • Now place the 2nd pan in the microwave and press the Start button to continue baking. 
  • At the sound of the beep, take out the cake from the second pan and allow both the cakes to cool for 2 hoursHours. 
  • In another bowl mix Nutella, condensed milk and evaporated milk together. 
  • Spread the Nutella mixture between the cake slices. 
  • In another microwave-safe bowl add cream, milk chocolate, liquid glucose and cook for 1 minute on microwave mode. 
  • After the beep, take out the milk chocolate mixture, spread the paste evenly on top of the cake and garnish it with Cadbury flakes. 
  • Refrigerate the cake for 2-3 hours. 
  • Cadbury Cake is ready to be devoured. 

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