Exploring #FrenchFoodFestival at Avari Towers 

Avari Towers has a theme of celebrating various cuisines every month in accordance with their national days. It is July and French national day falls within this month that’s why you will find French food festival being celebrated at Asia Live throughout the month.

Avari Towers Asia Live French food festival I’ve never had an authentic French meal in my life before so I was kinda very excited as well skeptical to explore new flavors. When it comes to French cuisine, we only thought about onion soup, potato gratin, quiches or cheese soufflé but trust me the food that avari Towers is offering ain’t any such common things. It is authentic in terms of flavor as explained by Sous Chef and French MANAGER yet so refined for our palates. It’s an experience that you have to be able to indulge only in the cozy atmosphere of Avari Towers . 

Another interesting aspect of French food festival at Asia Live Avari Towers is that they’re serving Ala carte menu instead of a Buffet. Only authentic and selective dishes are being offered for lunch and dinner menu. I loved the protein variety in the menu as it disown chicken completely(thank God and French food festival for that) and offers dishes of lamb, veal, beef, duck, lobster and tuna. There was a snail dish in appetizers too(is it protein too?) 

Let me dissect the menu for you one dish at a time. 


They’re offering more appetizer dishes than main courses or desserts. Diet conscious people will love the French appetizers there that includes liver patte with raspberry coulie and malba toast, Sautéed Escargot with mushrooms on Toasted Rye bread, Nicoise salad etc. 

The only oil you can find in these dishes is imported extra virgin olive oil only. Very light, good portion sizes and fresh light food. 

Sautéed Escargot(snail)  with mushrooms on Toasted Rye bread

Sautéed Escargot with mushrooms were served over Toasted Rye bread and looked scrumptious. Although I can’t get myself convinced to try snail but I had mushrooms and the sauce of it and it was great. Earthy, herbaceous and fresh tomato taste makes it a refreshing appetizer. My friend who dared to eat snail quite actually liked it. She described the taste as “earthy and chewy, not at all slimy or squishy”. 

Liver patte with raspberry coulie and toast
Liver patte was like a chicken liver mousse that you can have spread over toast and dip in raspberry coulie to cut the richness of liver. Its an interesting meat n fruit combo that I enjoyed eating.

The chef explained that onion soup is a new years special in France that’s why they’re not serving it now(I wanted it btw). Vichyssoise soup and lobster and prawn bisque were in the menu. 

Vichyssoise  is a cold soup of potatoes and leeks, creamy and light in texture and flavor was on sweeter side. Nice potato-ey after taste which accentuated with some pepper that I put in. Also I wonder if French people don’t like garnishing food?… Hmmmmmmm. 

Lobster and prawn bisque was a bowl of sea food heaven. Very crustacean aroma, strong flavors, hint of spices and bits of lobster and prawn meat. Perfect comfort food. Loved having it with bread sticks and some butter. 

Main course:

Woah! What great protein selection for the mains. I’ve had beef sirloin with mustard sauce and Roasted Duck breast with honey and risotto. 

Beef steak was just cooked to perfection and interestingly served with the blob of fat attached with it(that must be used to render fat while grilling). It was a bit under seasoned for my liking So,  I had to put some salt over to enjoy it. Mustard sauce wasn’t bottled one &  taste great. I can’t stop thinking about mashed potatoes though( damn! Amreeki cuisine). 

Roasted Duck was the star of the menu no doubt. Fatty and meaty and oh gosh!! so tasty. Where have you been dear duck? Why I haven’t had you till now? These were the questions that pop-up in my head while devouring that meat. The only thing I missed on the plate was some more risotto to go with that duck.

Lamb rack was served with generous mash potatoes and special tomato sauce made with lamb stock and herbs. I didn’t like the taste of it though. Probably because of being used to having lamb chops with spice rubs. 


They have some fine tasting desserts that can definitely pull some young crowd over n over again. If you’re a fan of molten lava cake, then chocolate fondant dessert is for you. 

Chocolate heaven. Perfect combo of sweet, warm and cold dessert.

Although I don’t know why it’s been called that because fondant is that sweet covering of cakes that I like to remove completely before eating the cake. Anyone who knows French might explain it but I like to call it molten lava cake. It was the best dessert there. Apple tartin and meringues were missed though. 

The Dent part:

The French food festival will give your pocket a dent of 2-3K per person if you want to experience a four course meal. Can easily be made affordable by sharing as the portions of main courses are generous. Order a single soup and single main course and that will be sufficient for two. Followed by a dessert and you’re good to go for a budget French dinner. 


If you’re a foodie, from France or looking for French food in Karachi then don’t miss French food festival at Avari Towers. The meal they’re serving is light on tummy and more about the taste of core ingredients than spices and oil. 

Star of the Menu:

I’ll rate lobster and prawn bisque, roasted duck and chocolate fondant dessert as the stars. 

For those of you desis who like only desi food, don’t you worry coz August is coming and it’s Pakistan’s independence day. I am guessing that Avari Towers will be going to have a Pakistani food festival then. So gear up y’all foodies for some tasty desi meals in coming months. 

Bon appetite!! 


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