Pizza Hut's #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies

Pizza Hut’s #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies

Pizza Hut is on a roll these days with new additions in their menu and product launches to compete with the sprouting of so many pizzerias in the city. 2016 is definitely the year of Pizza Hut Pakistan on foodscape as they’re not letting any chance of experimentation go.
Pizza Hut's #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies
#BigDipper in all its glory.
#BigDipper is the launch of the season and Oh Gosh! how grand it is. Tbh when I first look at the promo pictures I thought yaar ye to wohi rectangle pizza ki wapisi hy. Naa! Not impressed despite the 24 slices offer. What caught the attention was 4 flavors of Dips that were part of the deal. Finally, Pizza Hut decided to have Dips with the pizza. Thank God for that. I love my pizza slathered with a creamy sauce and what was on offer is 4 flavors of goodness.  Yum. Can’t resist despite the fact that Big Dipper comes without a drink( it should be there anyway).
I’ve got it delivered to my doorstep within 45 minutes. The packaging was double decker box and quite sturdy. The sauces were pa ked immaculately, sealed and in apt quantity. Big Dipper is actually BIG and can fill 5-6 hungry tummies easily( cold drink k saath). Those rectangular slices have Pizza Hut’s signature toppings and a relatively thick n soft bread base (yet to inquire if it comes in thin crust or not). Just pop open those extremely delicious Dips and gobble down the cheesy goodness. I hope pizza Hut decides to make these sauces a regular item on menu.
Pizza Hut's #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies
Fiery peri peri sauce & creamy ranch dip.
#BigDipper’s Delicious Dips:
  • Fiery peri peri; The bomb orange sauce with Chilli kick.
  • BBQ Chipotle; The star of all the Dips. Smokey and tangy.
  • Creamy Ranch; It was a bit off for my taste buds. Had some oily taste.
  • Garlic Mint; Unfortunately they forgot to send me this one dip that I was excited about the most 😢
Overall, Pizza Hut’s Big Dipper is party pleaser and perfect for movie nights and midnight munching with friends and family. Worth the money but It should be offered with drink.

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