WingItt – A Saucy Treat

I have been hearing rave reviews and praises about this new small eatery, wingItt for quite sometime now. Being a foodie and a lover of different flavors of dips and sauces, this is the place that I so wanted to try out. Finally, got time to do so and here is what I think about the food there. Fast food redefined.

Its all about wings at WingItt of course which is great because generally we have wings as sidelines in restaurants only. At WingItt you will have to experience the goodness of wings ONLY. That’s an attraction btw. Second thing about this unique eatery is that they offer a wide range of sauces with wings and all of them are made from scratch in house. YES!! There’s no imported ready-made sauces here. So expect a burst of flavor when you bite into your delectable ย wings.

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There’s a signboard that says blazin’ challenge. When inquired they say that people often come and challenge their friends to eat as many or as spicy wings as they can and its a fun signature thing about the place. How can we resist that? Got challenged by friends to do a one-to-one 50 BUFFALO HOT WINGS eating challenge and despite all those tears me and my friend Amber managed to win the challenge. Yaay. Can’t believe we had that many wings in under 10 minutes lol but it was fun. Damn spicy though.


To calm my already high on spice taste buds we then ordered slightly sweeter flavors and they perfectly did the trick. The best thing is that we lost count of how many wings actually we had gobbled down๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Personally I liked the honey mustard and Thai chilli sauce the most. Never tasted such succulent wings before. The sauces should be launched separately. They’re very authentic and unique in terms of preparation and taste. Wasabi sauce was ordered by my friend and they say it’s been made with horse radish. I find it quite different from the Wasabi prawns that I had at noodle house. It has a unique pungent flavor which hits but then it is all about acquired taste. Monster fries were average. I would like to have plain fries with cheese dip instead. Loved the red buckets of tissue papers and empty silver ones for bones. Chicken graffiti wall was cute. Blackboard wall impressed me with the offers and WiFi password chalked on.

Nutella cookie with ice cream scoop was shared because we can’t resist having a sweet dish to finish it off despite being so full. It still feels like having wings myself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


WingItt is a must go place for their fried to perfection meaty wings and succulent sauces. You’ll find it messy to eat but its worth it. I might next time wanna order wings with the sauce separately so that I can debone the wing, dip it and then eat it. Mess free.

The dine in area is pretty small but their flavors are big and bold. Don’t miss trying it out and challenge your foodie friends. It is fun and food together.


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