Pizza paratha #MadeEasy

Chef Saadat is undoubtedly the popular face of contemporary cooking in Pakistan. I have been watching his shows for years and always admired his creativity and made easy approach towards food. As a chef he’s never been reluctant to use spice mixes and infuse new techniques in classic recipes.

While browsing through I’ve come across pizza paratha recipe and decided to give it a try. It turns out finger kicking good and surprisingly light on stomach. A hearty sehri meal on which you can easily survive a day.(I’ve tried this in Ramzan twice) 


Pizza Paratha:

I used regular atta for parathas nothing fancy. Marinated chicken as per the recipe in video and Parathas were ready in no time. Really easy and no fuss recipe.

Do try these yummy fusion paratha. 

I recommend using gouda cheese slices coz they turned out extremely delicious in parathas.


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