McDonalds New Beef treats – Mushroom melt and Spicy Jalapeño

Last month on my visit to McDonald’s airport branch in Karachi, I’ve suspected a (possible) rebranding as the branch has been newly renovated. The exterior reflects a modern fast food restaurant vibe with bright colors, intresting graffiti and cool seating. I was surprised to see the new face of McDonald’s and wished for a menu upgrade too. Little did I know that my wish is going to be granted soon with the launch of beef treats. 

As soon as the beef treats were launched I don’t want to miss it. Probably because I just love beef n mushroom burgers. So one fine day I gotta taste them both coz I ordered mushroom melt and husband go for spicy jalapeños. It’s  a win for both. 

EditGobbled the mushroom melt large meal in no time as it was so good. Smokey and mild in taste while spicy jalapeño burger was OK for me. I don’t like jalapeños btw so I won’t comment on it further. Harrisa sauce wasn’t recognized in that one bite that I had. 

McDonald's spicy jalapeño beef burger
McDonalds spicy jalapeño beef burger

McDonald’s mushroom melt burger has my heart definitely. Loved the smokey and earthy flavor of dried mushrooms, with cheese, caramelized onions and black pepper mayo sauce over a juicy beef patty with crunchy ice burg and a tomato. What more you need in there? No regrets for them calories at all. 

The only downside of this beef treat is those buns and no bottomless drink. I wish McDonald’s improve the crumbling and dry buns with some special variants & offer unlimited drink refills.  A little more sauce won’t hurt either. I like my burgers to drip sauces but this one remained cleaned over the edges as I bite into it. 

This is my new favorite at McDonald’s after quarter pounder. Thorra pricy to hai but Kabhi Kabhi chalta hai. Do try it. 


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