#MyBakingTales – Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe 

So I got a gas oven recently and bought some basic ingredients like flour, yeast and cheese to get started with #MyBakingTales. I am not a pro at baking but I had baked for quite a few years when we use to have a cooking range at home. Ever since I’ve been blessed with kids; I almost ditched baking. Now that the younger one is 2years old I felt the need to bake again. 

What I have tried the most with new oven is the much loved pizza. Be it thin crust or stuffed crust, even pizza muffins turned out great with this recipe. Tested quite a few times and it turned out to be great.

Pizza Dough Recipe:

Flour 2cups, 

Sugar 1Tbsp, 

Salt 1tsp, 

Oil 2Tbsp,

Instant Yeast 2tsp, 

Egg 1,

Powder milk 2Tbsp, 

Luke warm water as required. 


Sift flour, powder milk, salt & sugar together. Add yeast, egg & knead with Luke warm water while adding oil so that it doesn’t stick to your hands (which it will but you have to handle gently). Make a soft dough & cover with cling film. Let it rest in a warm place for an hour at least to double in size. 

Work the dough with some dry flour to let the yeast air release. Now you’re ready to roll it into a pizza dough. This quantity is enough to make a 12″ round pizza with few pizza muffins. Around 1-2cm thick dough is recommended for deep pan crust or stuffed crust. 

Do try the recipe to make pizza dough & muffins. You can bake a calzone with it too.

Here’s how my friend’s pizza turned out with this dough recipe. 


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