Tickle your taste buds with Chatkhaar sauces 

Naurus has been a household name to every Pakistani. “Bhol na jana phir Pappa, Naurus le Kar Ghar ana”  is one jingle that I can’t get rid of my memories. Good to see that they’re advancing with time and not just a laal sharbat brand now. Chatkhaar is by Naurus & what a unique sauces and pickle brand it is. Desi to the core yet managing the standards of high end packaging & product quality while making it available online for consumers; they definitely are exploring new fronts. 

I have spotted Chatkhaar sauces for the first time at Imtiaz store in Karachi and to be very honest I then thought that “pata nahi kiya taste hoga Iska tou ad bhi nahi ata” lol. Then, my husband spotted Shahi and mint chutney in their range. I wasn’t convinced about mint chutney coz mint don’t remain green for long when grinded but somehow I bought it. Till then it is my quick raita fix. Just a spoonful with pinch of salt makes Podina raita with perfection(& it stays green too). One bite samosas & spring rolls with this chutney tastes great too. 

Husband no longer complains that shashlak is a bland dish. Thanks to Chatkhaar
During the winter season you must be making Chinese gravies. If yes then Chatkhaar’s chilli garlic sauce is the perfect hack for you. The sauce is quite thick, Spicy & tangy. Doesn’t taste like ketchup at all & gives shashlak a flavor boost that regular chili garlic sauces lack due to less spice content. Azmaish shart hy. I have used Chatkhaar’s Chilli garlic sauce as a pizza sauce too & worked so well. Just mix it with a spoonful of ketchup & you’re good to go for a pizza. Need I say that you need this sauce for every fried snack? 

Chatkhaar’s sauces & pickle pantry is full of surprises and unique flavors to Tickle your taste buds. My most recommended Chatkhaar products will be Morrocon Harrisa paste, Chilli garlic sauce & mint chutney. Loved their chicken pickle(yes murghi ka achaar exists) too but it was a bit too tangy for me. Falsa chutney is on my list of groceries already. 

Which ones have you tried and liked so far? 


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