Lucky Star Koyla Karahi at Super Highway 

Being a mom of two hyperactive kids I find formal dining places underwhelming to accommodate kids. Fast food places are very kids friendly but that’s not the type of food one should have regularly. In the end we’ve left with few places to go out, dine & actually enjoy. Super Highway has some amazing restaurants with rides and swings for kids to keep them busy while you’re enjoying delectable Desi food. 

Recently I have tried Lucky Star Koyla Karahi on highway twice in a month. The place is very well managed. You’ll not find any dust there because of the stones on the floor. Open air seating on carpeted wooden seats & pillows to make one comfortable are the forte of such highway restaurants but here they’re very clean and green. They have a long menu, almost like a book. You’ll find mostly mutton, chicken & fish items in the menu (cooked on coal) . 

Dhaka chicken

I have tried their Dhaka Fish, Dhaka chicken, Prawn fried platter, Seekh kebabs, Mutton Lahori Karahi(double spicy), Mutton Makhni Karahi(Normal spicy), Kabuli pulao, Tandoori parathay & garlic naan during my two visits to the place. Loved mutton Lahori Karahi for its spice level as mutton karahi is usually served with very few spices in other restaurants but this one is for the spice lovers. Very well cooked, tender meat and amp tomatoey masala taste to it. Goes very well with soft and Lacchay dar tandoori paratha. You’ll definitely find it unique in taste. 

Mutton Lahori Karahi Double spicy

Mutton Makhni Karahi on the other hand was subtle on spices and flavors. This one is very well cooked too. 

Mutton Makhni Karahi 

From the fried items Dhaka Fish & Dhaka chicken are a must try. Sesame seed coated crisp covering over soft n juicy Boneless chicken /fish fillet was oh so yum. Served with fries and good quality chilli garlic sauce. This starter was craving for a tamarind sauce to go with it & surprisingly Dhaka chicken was a bit spicy and fish was subtle in taste.

Dhaka Fish

Fried prawn platter has jumbo prawns deep fried with a crispy and Spicy batter. I don’t like their fries and the salt content on prawns was a bit overwhelming. They were courteous to take the criticism and even remember when I visited them again. 

Finished off our meal with Koyla chai which is served in a cup saucer rather than a pyala. Overall it is an experience worth every penny. 

Total damage:

For mutton Karahi, 2 Dhaka Fish servings, kabuli pulao and seekh kababs with naan/paratha & drinks(cold & hot) we paid around 4500 for 6persons & 2 kids.  


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