Quickest Chicken Karahi Ever 

Ever since I’ve got cavities in my molars as deep n wide to hide a red chilli seed, I’ve stopped suing any karahi spice mix. Usually it comes with some red Chilli flakes that eventually bothers me & I don’t want to regret eating Karahi at all. So yeah!!

Thank God some kind souls at Shan Foods decided to make a time(read life)  saving blend of Karahi concentrate without adding these trouble maker chilli flakes. Shan Karahi cooking concentrate is a magic wand of taste. The product is usually for the export market but available in selectice stores of Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Luckily I got my hands on it & I can’t tell you how amazing it was. 

Chicken Karahi Shan foodsQuickest Chicken Karahi:


  • Chicken 500gms
  • Tomatoes 2,chopped 
  • Oil 1/4 cup
  • Shan Karahi concentrate 4-6 Tbsps 
  • Water 1/2 cup 


  • Heat oil in a wok. Fry chicken untill changes color. 
  • Add tomatoes & the cooking concentrate while frying chicken at medium flame. Mix well.
  • Add a quarter cup of water to adjust consistency. Cover & let it cook for 5 minutes on low flame to infuse flavors. 
  • Done. Garnish with Ginger, green chillies & serve with Naan or paratha. 

Thank you Shan for an making blend of Karahi sauce that’s just right. No flaws at all. Loved the aroma of the sauce and half done whole green chillies gives it authentic Karahi flavor. You’ll be impressed I am sure just like I am. 

Do try the miraculous Karahi blend & btw Biryani sauce is available too & Ive tried it too. Such daigi food it is. #KhushiyanChakhLo aap bhi. 


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