5 most loved brands at Karachi Eat Festival 2017

Karachi Eat festival is becoming an yearly ritual to celebrate the diverse foodscape that Karachi has to offer. In the backdrop of mesmerizing Ferer Hall you’ll explore a huge variety of gastronomic delights from street food like gol gappay & chaat to waffles & steaks, everything is there to satisfy foodie cravings. From home based businesses to corporates everyone represent themselves at KEF because of the massive influx of people it attracts. After all no love is greater than the love of food. 

Picture credit: Obaid Atique

Karachi Eat is a ticketed event & nothing there was priced over Rs 300 per serving. I love the fact that some brands made an effort to come up with something extraordinary in terms of product integration, unbelievable pricing & maintaining quality of product so well. Here are my favorite few budget food stalls of Karachi Eat Festival 2017. The key is going with family & believing in sharing is caring. 

Meat One:

Meat one was all over social media before KEF & garnered all praises on Food forums during the event. The food on offer was as good as it looked in the pictures. Unbelievably appealing & scrumptious. Meaty treats cooked live in front of you and served at reasonable prices of Rs100-300. 

Best part was that the dishes have distinct flavors & accompanying sides were equally good. Cheesy Cordon Bleu, BBQ Mutton Chops & drumsticks were my favorites. 

Loved the dart game to win discounts & comment board at the MeatOne stall with a cute lit space for taking pictures of your food. 

Shan Foods

Shan has become the legend of Karachi Eat since they offer Desi Daigi food at unbelievably low price with no compromise on quality. That Sindhi Biryani & Shahi Haleem in Rs 50 was a delight. I had it twice myself lol. 

The #ShanStories booth was buzzing with people sharing their culinary adventures & being gifted with Shan exclusive cooking sauces. Loved that part. 

Walls Dessert Truck

Walls offered the most loved item of KEF i.e. Waffles at the lowest price among any other eatery. For Rs 100 a warm n gooey waffle with two scoops of ice cream, a sauce & any topping walls waffles were a steal. 

Peek Freans Cafe

Peek freans has setup a beautiful French bakery style stall which is so aesthetically designed that I fell in love with it. The food on offer was equally beautiful with a taste burst. Butterpuff bites were for Rs 30 only. Can you believe? I can’t remember how many times I had them. Perfect party food idea for my baby’s next birthday. (#NoteToSelf) 

Just loved the flavors & presentation. Chocolate s’mores has my heart. They offered it in cute little jars with a recipe. Wow. Now that’s the best way to market a product in style. 

Lipton Tea bar 

There was a beautiful tea bar setup with a fountain & beautiful flowers by Lipton. Run m burn activity encouraged us to burn all those calories we have consumed during KEF. Great execution & product integration here but the tea bag tea wasn’t good. Sigh! 

Special mention for Magnum Snapped@ booth for being the most loved activation. A giant screen to click your Selfies that you can then doodle on, save & send to your email address. Loved the idea & brilliant execution of it. You win Magnum you win. 

Overall, I feel that brands should come up with unique offerings like this more often to celebrate their consumers while homebased businesses find some new customers during Karachi Eat. May the joy of food be with us. 


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