#McDonaldsRealCrispyChicken is what it claims 

Chicken ho aur deep fried ho, Phir crispy bhi ho aur spicy bhi tou bus aur kiya chahiae? McDonalds recently introduced real crispy chicken on their menu in Pakistan and I couldn’t resist to try it out. Been there multiple times to experience the taste of it (actually accidentally went to try it out on the first day it was being made available). 

I had it again multiple times after that which is self explanatory about the taste of it. 

Way before the chicken dance rage, I was a fan of Real crispy chicken. The reason being:
1- The breading is so so crisp & didn’t peel off with the chicken skin like you experience it while having Broast. 

2- The meat inside is well cooked yet juicy & steamy. 

3- Spicy flavor is a win. You don’t get it anywhere else here with crispy chicken. 

4- Garlic sauce makes it taste even better. 

On the downside I feel it is a bit pricy for two pieces of chicken for Rs 470 but then it comes with Fries & drink, so bearable maybe. Lacks a dinner roll or something to go with it. 

Overall, It is a family favorite at McDonalds now after the humble Quarter pounder or Mega Mac. Do try it & let me know your experience of it. 

Here’s what social media has to say about McDonalds Real Crispy chicken. 


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