#RoohAfza – The Summer Staple celebrating life 

The very desi and our own –  Rooh Afza has the goodness of herbs and flower extracts in the form of a sweet viscous syrup that has some magical refreshing powers during intense summers. It is a staple household item that we’ve grown up with. Apart from Ramzan when it is a must to have this refreshing drink, Rooh Afza has to be there through out summers to cut the heat with its unique taste and versatility in usage. 

What gave me so many flashbacks of Rooh Afza was a touching story of Father and daughter in the new TVC celebrating life. #ZindagiMubarak themed ad of Rooh Afza strikes the right chords. If you haven’t seen it yet, do watch it to feel what I am feeling right now. 

Mom use to make some Rooh Afza variations daily in summers to excite us siblings when we use to comeback home tired. Some days we use to drink it with a dash of lemon juice and some days with addition of tukh malanga. Sometimes she use to make fruit chaat and when we try not to eat it, she drizzle some Rooh Afza over to get us all gobbling down the fruits in minutes. Looking back at my childhood I remember that I use to get the bottle of that sweet nectar, slather it on some ice cubes and then slurp during summer afternoons while hiding upstairs. Good old days. Maar parrti thi Rooh Afza Itna zaya krne pe but khair…. 

When the Qulfi vendor use to come during scorching afternoons and we ran to grab some khoya qulfis from his cart, we never forget to get the drizzle of Rooh Afza all over that frozen treat. The most popular Desi creation – Falooda will never be the same without Rooh Afza syrup. Even ice balls aka gola gandda tastes so much refreshing with Rooh Afza syrup drizzled on top with some condensed milk and nuts. Simply yum. 

During traveling to interior Sindh I’ve discovered Tarbooz ka sharbat which I was quite excited about until I found out that it is actually Rooh Afza with some watermelon chunks in it. 

Such an important part Rooh Afza has played while I was growing up and now I am making it a part of my kids life and they equally love the goodness of good old laal sharbat. Do you remember any such connection with Rooh Afza? Do share in the comments. 

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