Sea Front BBQ Grill at Beach Luxury Hotel – Dinner with a view 

I was invited to try out the new menu at Sea Front BBQ and grill of beach luxury hotel. After entering the hotel you cross a lush green lawn towards a huge boat connected with a wooden bridge over water. As soon as you make your way to the still boat you start falling in love with it. The dining area is nicely setup on the boat with well placed cutlery and table settings. You’ll love being surrounded by serene water and cool sea breeze of Karachi. Loved the ambiance of this place so much that I forgot that I am here to have dinner lol. 

The thing that I didn’t like were those ramp of wooden planks, placed along the length of the boat to walk over. They don’t look neat and make people tip over. Thank God I wasn’t holding any plate or food when this happened. 

Sea Front BBQ and Grill has a buffet dinner menu with a variety of food to offer. From salads to Sweets to Freshly BBQed meat, they have it all. The salad baar needs a bit of an upgrade as the potato salad that I had wasn’t that good or even fresh. There was a variety of salads though. 
In savory, they have beef Jalferazi, Mutton khara masala, chicken karahi, Katakat, Fried fish and prawns, Baingan ki sabzi, chicken Cordon Bleu, Chinese rice, Stir fried vegetables, Biryani, chapli kebab,  kachori, Chana salan and Naan. What I missed badly was a pori or paratha to go with the BBQ items like Fish Tikka, Seekh kebab, Sajji, Malai Boti etc. 

The menu was a little disappointing as I was expecting some sizzling seafood dishes made live as the name suggests. It should be grilled on the Sea Front BBQ instead of being served as a mix of Desi and continental items in a buffet. Would love to see them serving some Tandoori prawns, Grilled fish, and maybe some sizzling steaks right in front of the guests as per their liking. 

Of all the items that I’ve tried I liked freshly fried fish and prawns, Malai Boti, Fish Tikka, Kachori and Katakat. Beef Jalferazi was the stand out dish of the night as it was very well cooked and flavorful. 

Dessert menu was a disappointment to be very honest. Gulab jaman were good, Trifle and sugar free chocolate cake were average. They ran out of drinks which was a bit of turn off. 

Hope the management takes the suggestions in consideration and make use of such a nice dinner venue and improve the food they are offering there. The price of the dinner buffet was around 1600/person + tax which will be justified if they tweak the menu a bit with more Live cooking and BBQ of seafood items. Dessert menu is craving for an overhaul. 

Overall I loved the open air ambiance and would love to hang out with friends only if the food gets more live cooking or grilled seafood options. 


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