Trying Quiche from K&Ns Bakistry range 

Frozen food is in our lives for our Laziness, let’s admit. There’s nothing better than fresh and made from scratch food but yeah, I do procrastinate sometimes and find shortcuts. Saw K&Ns Bakistry range in supermarket and was tempted to try it out. Never attempted baking quiche before because of the tricky pastry. So, it was a good idea to try it out first.

K&Ns Quiche pack comes with reasonably sized 4 Chicken Quiche, pre-assembled in an aluminum foil container. The pack says keep it frozen and put it in the oven directly for 18-20 minutes until Golden. I did the same. Took almost 22-25 minutes to bake with 3 minutes under broiler/grill for that crusty golden top.

Now the truth bomb. This pastry tastes buttery but didn’t cook to perfection maybe because of being frozen(I think it should be thawed but pack didn’t say that). Packet mentions that you can microwave it too which I think is not a good idea. Pastry of quiche should be buttery and flaky golden which microwave won’t give. Moving on to the taste. It was bland. Creaminess was weird, chicken was hard like left overs of a sausage or something. I didn’t like it and won’t buy it again. 

If K&Ns decides to sell frozen Quiche Pastry shells, that will be a hit item on their shelves. This is a complete miss for me. 


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