Stuffed Bread Omelette

Facebook videos by tasty, Oh yummy and twisted are my favorite time pass. You get so many unique food presentation ideas that sometimes work sometimes don’t. But I like to try these fancy stuff. At least attempt it to see if it works or not. This stuffed bread omelette was also one of those videos that made me try it the very next day I saw it.

There’s no particular recipe, just followthe technique and use anything you lime to add in your omelette. I hope that works.

First thing first, cut the bread slices and get your stuffing ready. I have used an egg for a single slice, one K&Ns breakfast sausage, tiny amount of onion, green peppers and a green chilli. You can use pre cooked chicken, mince meat, spinach or anything you like.

On slow flame, grease the pan and sauté onion and peppers before putting the bread slice frame around. Spread the sausages over veges evenly. Do it all faster so that you avoid burning the slice. SLOW FLAME and greased pan is the key.

Now, beat an egg with some salt and pepper. Pour it in the bread frame while greasing the sides of bread well. That egg needs to be cooked perfectly.

Add some shredded cheese over the egg. Preferably Mozzarella cheese.

By this time the egg must’ve been cooked halfway. Time to cover up the egg and cheese with the bread cut out. Press it a little and flip.

Add some more oil (if needed to crisp up the bread. Press the slice so that the cut out disappears.

Perfect. No one e can guess that this single slice is actually stuffed with meat, cheese and egg.

Very filling and very fancy. What say?


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