Lunch box #RealRishtey

If there’s one thing that I didn’t value much in school days was my lunch box. It is always filled with a constant of Paratha and variations like achaar, anda or kebabs. Being the nashukri self I use to share it with my class mates just to show mom that I have eaten it all.

Not to mention that my friend use to love mom made lunch and I happily exchange it for her lunch box items, all packaged food.

Interestingly my kids love paratha and now I crave for mom’s paratha and achaar so much that I get it made from her farmaish kar kay. Don’t know how it happened but it did. I have made friends with my lunch box that I don’t use to like and now I want the same taste and same lunch box almost every morning, all for myself.

It is the last year of Parishay’s Pre-Primary schooling and there’s one thing that she loves in her lunch box, Cake up.

Mom’s love is the real goodness(we often take for granted) and once you’re a mom yourself you tend to value #RealRishtay. A bond to cherish for every small act.

What’s in your lunch box?


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