#MariosPasta – The prettiest Pasta

Roti and rice were two things that my childhood revolves around but my kids have a different palate. They just love pasta. Whenever we go out pasta remains the first dish to be ordered. Be it penne arabiata or Fettuccine Alfredo but obviously you can’t go dine out everyday so you have to make pasta at home.

I have tried so many pasta recipes and always look out for interesting pasta shapes. My kids can eat pasta on its own too, in case there’s no sauce available at that time.

Last month I made a quick visit to Masala Family Festival and discovered Mario’s pasta. It is a new pasta brand based in Multan and they have introduced various fun shaped pasta in the market. Interestingly they were successful enough to rope in chef Mehboob as their Brand Ambassador too. The stall was pretty crowded as they were offering buy one get one free offers and people just can’t resist it. Same happened with me I can’t resist buying it.

Till date my kids favorite shape is flower one. They really like to eat n play with it. So a huge thumbs up to this unique product.

Do try Mario’s pasta and let me know your favorite recipes or shapes that you have tried.


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