Bhindi is to be loved

Recently I read on social media as someone said, “Bhindi is to be loved” and cherished I guess. This was the first dish that I learned to cook from mom coz I kinda loved it. I still do. There’s no other summer vegetable that one can love as much as bhindi even if the comparison is with Aaloo.

Bhindi masala:

Nothing fancy about this staple summer dish. You have to cut equal quantities of onions and bhindi. I use to deep fry bhindi to remove that stickiness and drain it. Then you have to sautée onions until light brown (not too much color) add a cup of diced tomatoes with some fresh green chillies cut into 4 pieces each, red chilli powder, salt, turmeric powder and some secret masala touch. When the masla is ready, tomatoes are cooked, add bhindi and finish it off with lemon juice.

Not so Secret masala recipe:

  • Coriander seeds,
  • Cumin seeds and
  • Whole red chillies(round ones)

Dry roast equal amount of the 3 ingredients and keep in an air tight jar. Cook bhindi as the way you like it and add a tea spoon of this masala in your salan to glam it up. Don’t forget lemon juice in the end or you can add some imli pulp.

*For stuffed masala bhindi, use this masala mixed in imli pulp, stuffed inside bhindi and just pan fry them. Too good to be true.

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